Royalty & Aristocracy

Unlike the average family, those with a royal lineage, and those that are part of the aristocracy, generate much public interest, perhaps because of their influences on social history...

SDS Heritage can electronically convert any historical document archive pertaining to royalty and the aristocracy, regardless of age, size, condition or binding obstacles, into a searchable database, either for historical research, or just to ensure the longevity of the information contained within.

Sources for such an archive can be as varied as personal and private artefacts: memoirs and journals, letters, familial documents, and photographs; or public material, such as photographs, paintings, press cuttings, commemorative memorabilia and other such ephemera. We are very experienced in scanning fragile and rare documents, and have the facilities at our in-house scanning bureau to digitise a wide variety of documents with the utmost care and confidentiality.

We can combine this information with other media, including photographs and film to build a rich, digital archive to last forever. Our archive management software is customised for each client, so you will receive a finished product that’s unique and appropriate for the archive.