Local Authorities & Central Government

Records management is a key factor in the Modernising Government agenda. Local Authorities and Central Government need effective records management and to keep records organised and accessible.

The effective management of government and local authority records in all formats depends as much on their efficient disposal as on their long-term preservation. But simply destroying documents that are no longer required, means risking losing years of historic information, which may sometimes be of public interest or importance.

SDS Heritage can provide scanning and digital document management solutions to preserve the heritage archives of local authorities and government. We can build bespoke database storage and retrieval systems, to allow searching, cross-referencing and indexing of all types of files. Such documents could include:

  • Documents pertaining to the democratic process, including results, meetings, political party papers
  • Management and administration documents, such as planning, enquiries, complaints and public relations
  • Client services including child, family and adult support
  • Housing provisions and other general public services (such as health and safety, bye-laws, planning, and inspections)
  • Legal documents
  • Human Resources
  • Financial and management
  • Statutory services, including registrars of births, marriages and deaths