Journalism, Media & Publishing

Until recently, newspapers, magazines and other publications, were only ever available in paper-based format. SDS Heritage offer services to digitally preserve these archives of increasingly fragile and rare publications...

Some of our current clients have archives of publications dating back as far as the seventeeth century. We have developed systems and procedures to deal with all kinds of published material in order to digitally reproduce them with the best results possible, and preserve the nation’s rich heritage of journalism.

An interactive digital archive of issues is a smart and cost-effective way to offer the readership access to historical and long since out-of-print volumes. Also, with an increasing number of people using tablet devices to read publications, digital magazines are an even more viable delivery method than ever before.

Of course, a digital archive has many other benefits, including information integrity and document preservation, and fast retrieval of information, specific articles, or photographs, using comprehensive search and indexing tools. A digital archive also allows the opportunity to integrate other media, such as sound and video.

SDS Heritage recognise that every publication archive is different. And so you would be consulted during all stages of the bespoke system’s development, including its functionality and design, and indexing preference. The resultant system can seamlessly integrate into an existing web site, or be provided as an interactive standalone application. In either case it will be functionality pertinent to your publication.