Institutions, Prisons & Hospitals

Whilst nowadays, records contained within prisons and hospitals are largely computerised, these institutions still retain many historical documents as paper based archives, taking up valuable space and creating a potential hazard.

SDS Heritage are experts in providing modern, convenient, and most importantly of all, secure and confidential, solutions for such historic records. Our scanning bureau has the expertise and capacity to convert hundreds of thousands of paper records per day.

These older records that, whilst no longer in day-to-day use, could still nevetheless be pertinent for historical research, providing historians with valuable data for statistical analysis, genealogy, and for tracing patterns of behaviours and social trends, and many other other purposes besides.

SDS Heritage can provide confidential and careful scanning and digital archiving of historical documents, both to preseve this information, and to make it more readily accessible to research. Records can be searched, cross-referenced, and indexed using any number of criteria (specified during the design stages by our experts in consultation with the client), with results delivered in seconds. No longer will you need to search laboriously through boxes and shelves of archived material, risking damage to original documents, or wasting valuable time.