Hotels & Country Clubs

Hotels and Country Clubs all have interesting and varied histories, sometimes spanning many centuries. Materials collected and stored over the years, however seemingly insignificant, combined form a rich, fascinating history.

SDS Heritage can provide scanning and digital document archiving services for hotels and country clubs to transform their heritage archives into a living history.

Membership records and other publications (such as rules, newsletters and journals), minutes of meetings, sports fixtures and results, photographs, guestbooks, financial and other business documentation can all be confidentially and expertly scanned, and processed at our bureau. SDS Heritage can also produce a finished product: either an extension of your existing web site portal for online access, or a standalone application supplied on CD, DVD-ROM, or USB memory stick for use on personal devices

Such a product could be created to celebrate a milestone in the establishment’s history. For example, a centerary celebration, or reaching a historic volume of membership. Or it could simply be used to create a lasting historical archive of priceless and irreplacable documentation.