Historical Collections

Sometimes an archive belonging to an organisation holds more public interest, and is more historically important to those outside of the organisation, than the organisation itself...

A number of organisations hold archives that are of great public interest, or are of great historical importance to society. SDS Heritage has the skills and expertise to take these precious archives and digitally preserve copies for future generations. We can scan any type of document, of any age, all without causing additional wear and tear.

From this collection of digitised files, a unique and searchable database system can be built, creating a fantastic learning and research tool both for public use and for the original archive’s owners. Our systems can be delivered as an online resource to make them available for everyone, or as standalone applications for use on home computers, libraries and academic institutes.

SDS Heritage has undertaken archiving of historical information for Christ’s Hospital’s archive of Barnes Wallace plans, the English scientis and engineer, best known for inventing the bouncing bomb. Other clients with noteworthy historical archives have included The Old Stagers (at over 170 years, it is the world’s oldest surviving amateur dramatic company), and Uppingham Rovers Cricket.