Famous & Notable People

There is often a wealth of ephemera associated with famous people or persons of note. Whilst sometimes transitory, these artefacts can also be a valuable part of history and deserve to be properly preserved.

There is always a great deal of interest in people in the public eye. Whether they are entertainers, business or political leaders, or those that follow more academic pursuits and are noted for their research and ideas in their particular fields of expertise, this public affection leads to their lives being well documented.

SDS Heritage are experts in scanning, cataloguing and digitally archiving these often disparate collections, and can provide its curators (whether a third party, or the individual himself) with a more cohesive product, either supplied on CD-ROM or DVD, or even as an online portal. We have the expertise and facilities to scan all manner of ephemera, and can do so with the utmost care and attention, so as not to cause damage or additional wear and tear to historic documents.

Press cuttings, diaries and memoirs, memorabilia, papers, photographs and even video can be combined into a single, searchable historical archive. With detailed cross-referencing and indexing, information on the person can be found in seconds, making it an ideal learning and research tool, as well as a way to secure the archive of materials for generations to come.