The heritage archives of embassies contain important and oftentimes irreplacable documents. SDS Heritage can create a bespoke historical archive to preserve this information forever...

Document types could include general correspondence, such as original despatches from representatives abroad with any enclosures, conference materials, confidential prints (single doucments or volumes of papers), treaties and protocols and ratifications thereof, private and private office papers, publicity materials, and communications containing news, information, and cultural relations.

Embassy and consular archives can also often include other local records such as registers of births, deaths and marriages of British subjects abroad, consular court records, commercial records of many sorts, papers about British churches and cemeteries and the estates of British subjects.

All of this important historical documentation can be scanned by SDS Heritage, and amalgamated into a single digital archive. Information can be indexed, searched, and cross-referenced using our bespoke database software.