Churches, Cathedrals & Diocesan Records

SDS Heritage can help parishes, dioceses, Bishops and cathedrals develop a consistent and best practice approach to the treatment of Church records in their care...

Churches have for centuries been the centre-point for many communities. Their records contain important historical information that should be safeguarded against disaster, and preserved for future generations.

Such records could include:

  • Baptism and Christening
  • Marriage
  • Death and Burial
  • Confirmation
  • Membership

These are typical of the types of records held by churches, but there are other historic materials worth archiving, too. These could include minutes and other administrative records, financial reports (congregational business or church conference minutes offer an in-depth look into matters concerning the local community), and publications like the church bulletin or parish newsletter.

All of these types of records can be scanned and digitally archived by SDS Heritage. Our database software makes such records fully searchable, and could therefore provide your church with a useful community resource, in particular for those researching their ancestry. SDS Heritage has already successfully archived records for The Chapel at Lancing College.