Banks & Financial Houses

Over the past fifteen years, SDS Heritage has scanned many types of financial records for financial institutes and accounts departments, and converted these paper-based records into more manageable online and digital systems for its clients.

From our experiences, we have developed valuable insights into the needs of banks and financial houses, and what document management tools they need to ensure greater efficiencies and accuracy.

Our archival and document retrieval systems are specifically designed for accounts and financial departments to help them better manage the mountain of paperwork associated with keeping records of transactions and invoicing. Our systems enable secure and tracked any-time, anywhere access to financial records, and compile this information into meaningful reporting and management.

However, it is not simply records of financial matters that SDS Heritage can help with. Any historic documentation, from reports and minutes of meetings, to in-house publications and journals can also be digitally archived. SDS Heritage has in fact recently completed an archive of publications for LLoyd's Bank.