Architecture & Listed Buildings

For every architectural project or listed building, there are many and varied types of documentation. From plans and maps, to legal documentation, SDS Heritage has the expertise and facilities to handle them all...

Rather than risk damaging original documents with constant use, you may wish to digitally convert architectural plans or maps of your listed building. We are one of the few bureaus in the country that is able to accommodate the scanning of large A0 (47 x 33 inches) sized documents in full-colour.

Where necessary or required, SDS Heritage can also digitally retouch and restore such plans and drawings, resulting in digital copies of your listed building documentation that have greater clarity and are of superior quality to the original paper-based versions.

We are also experts in handling and processing many other types of building documentation that combines to make up the property's deed packet, from leases, through to planning applications, and many other legal files besides. We have a proven track record in providing bespoke database solutions specific to property portfolios, which can serve not only preserve the original documents, but bring many other business efficiencies besides.

SDS Heritage has already provided building heritage scanning and archiving solutions for many schools with historic buildings and architecture, and organisations such as Swanage Pier, Whipsnade and London Zoo, and Alexandra Palace.