Museums & Libraries

Museums and libraries house enormous quantities of important, historical artefacts and documentation. Unfortuately, for obvious practical reasons, not all of these documents can be made available to everyone.

SDS Heritage believe that such institutions could greatly benefit from a digital archive...

By scanning archives of museums and libraries, and reproducing them in a digitised format, they can be made available to a much wider audience, without compromising the safety and security of the original documents.

These digital facsimiles could also be collated into one of our fully-searchable database solutions, and made available across a range of media, including online. We even develop systems that will seamlessly integrate into an existing web site. Our bespoke database systems are designed not only to help staff better manage your vast libraries of information, and researchers find information much faster and easier, but also to have the potential to increase interest and revenue for your institution.

We are experts in handling historic documents (some of which have been over 900 years old), and have a range of specialist scanning equipment and procedures to ensure that the process does not cause wear and tear on the original documents. SDS Heritage has already successfully scanned and archived materials for the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.