Livery Companies

Printed and heritage documentation, such as royal charters, minutes and records, belonging to livery companies is often unique, and is oftentimes stored in great quantities.

This presents many problems, not least of which is the risk of losing such invaluable and irreplacable information. It also makes it difficult for clerks to gain access to such information in a timely manner.

SDS Heritage has developed database and archiving solutions for livery companies that negate many of these concerns. We can scan precious historic livery documentation, even bound volumes, with great care and efficiency. We amalgamate this data, index it, and present it to livery companies in an easy-to-use online system that enables fast, but secure access to that information.

With our systems, Clerks can quickly research answers to questions, and your company's most valuable asset – its knowledge and information – is protected and preserved for future succesors.

We have already produced systems for the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, Marketors, Saddlers, and Drapers, and from these have great developed great insight and experience into the kinds of documents livery companies hold, and also their data retreival requirements.