Corporate Heritage

Heritage documents are not only the reserve of libraries, museums and other such institutes. Corporate enterprises also often have swathes of historic documentation, too.

Commercial companies, especially those that have been in business for a number of years, have as much need to safely archive their historic documentation, and perhaps an even more pertinent requirement to have this archive readily accessible.

SDS Heritage understands the value of corporate heritage. We provide businesses with cost-effective scanning and secure document management solutions tailored to the company's requirements. Whether it is simply a case of archiving paper-based records to reduce storage space, or as part of a disaster recovery plan, SDS Heritage’s document management solutions can help.

Corporate archives may include maps, plans, legal documentation, staff records, newsletters and journals, or a combination of any of these types of document. We carefully and confidentially scan, digitise and index this information, and convert it into a fully-searchable, secure, robust, future-proof, and more convenient online archive.

Our corporate heritage clients include: the John Lewis Partnership, whose various legal property documents dated back as far back as the seventeenth century, were scanned and catalogued; and Transco British Gas, for whom SDS Heritage successfully archived wayleaves and easements from the sixteenth up to the nineteenth century.