SDS Archive Server

Archive Server is a web based application that caters for multiple archival divisions within a single database, making it ideal for organisations that maintain more than one archive.

If you manage more than one archive, Archive Server will let you manage all of them in one place and at no extra cost.

Usually installed on your local network, Archive Server is a web based application that runs within your browser. It can be setup to only be visible from inside your organisation, or to the entire world. It has the same categorisation features as Archive Manager, but does not require an application to be installed on your machine.

  • Designed to fit the needs of organisation with multiple archives
  • Stored as an ANSI-92 compliant database
  • Full Technical and operational support from SDS
  • Compatible with Archive Manager Database
  • Hosting available on request

Archive Server can either be fully hosted by SDS or self hosted on one of your servers. As a fully hosted solution the only requirement is an internet connection and a modern browser. You will receive a dedicated and unique URL which points to your personal password protected copy of Archive Server. If further protection is warranted, on request we can limit access to your system to a specfic IP range.