SDS Archive Manager

Archive Manager is an ISAD compliant standalone application used to describe and manage historical archives. Used by hundreds of archivists worldwide it has a reputation for being comprehensive and cost-effective.

Archive Manager can be installed on a Mac, Windows or Linux machine, so there is no need to worry about your organisation's IT infrastructure.

A classification system which includes keywords, categories, collection types and functions. The documentation of items can be enhanced by attaching images, and item records may also be linked to external documents.

  • Designed to meet the standards of small archives
  • Support for the essential features of the museum systems
  • Stored as an ANSI-92 compliant database
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • ISAD Compliant and SPECTRUM Friendly

Technical Specifications

Archive Manager is a Java application designed to run under Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS-X, Linux or any other operating system that supports Java VM 1.5 or higher. It may be installed on multiple workstations or on a local area network drive to support access to a single archival database by multiple concurrent users.

Software requirements
  • Java VM 1.5 or higher
  • an ANSI-92 compatible database management system
  • JDBC drivers for the implemented DBMS

Archive Manager is designed to run against any ANSI-92 compliant database management system, including Apache Derby, Ingres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.