SDS Archive Browser

Archive Browser is our web application that can be used in conjunction with Archive Manager and Server to provide the facility for non-privileged users to browse any non-confidential information contained within your database

Archive browser is perfect for archivists that want to engage the rest of their organisation, such as the pupils of a school or members of a society. The wider community can use Archive Browser to search and browse the history their organisation.

This optional add-on to Archive Manager or Archive Server allows you to publish your archival catalogue on the web. You can even incorporate it into an existing website.

  • Used in conjunction with Archive Manager or Server
  • Designed for use by individuals who have no special archival or technical knowledge
  • Only non-confidential information from the source database is made available for display
  • Configurable to meet your organisations' security protocals

Technical Specifications

Archive browser is an Internet Information Server based product, designed to run on Microsoft® Windows Server platforms (Windows NT or later).

It is a three tiered application consisting a web-server application using Active Server Pages (ASP) technology, and a client interface delivered through a web-browser. The system needs access the Archive Server or Archive Manager database.