Associations, Institutions & Organisations

Associations, Institutions and Organisations have a wealth of historic documentation that could benefit from SDS Heritage’s scanning and archiving services...

Regular publications or published papers and research can be archived on to CD-ROM or provided as an online archives with one of our bespoke systems.

SDS Heritage can electronically convert any paper archive, regardless of age, size, condition and binding obstacles, into a seamless and cohesive database system. We are very experienced in scanning fragile and rare publications, and also have years of expertise in taking these documents and converting them from simple digital facsmilies into useful and easy-to-use database systems.

Our clients include: the Royal Institute of Navigation, for whom we produced a comprehensive archive of journals; a historic collection of the National Gamekeepers Organisation's journal, The Gamekeeper; a searchable archive of Oryx, the journal of the Institute of Flora and Fauna; and journals of the Royal Forestry Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.