Archiving Benefits

SDS Heritage provides systems and solutions for every stage of the document scanning and processing life-cycle. We utilise rigid engineering quality assurance (QA) mechanisms to implement and carry out our work.

The business case and possible benefits of digitising your unique archive are numerous. Below are just some of the potential benefits that digitally archiving your documentation can bring to your organisation:

  • Every physical page, document or photograph could be made available to members and the general public on CD-ROM, DVD and/or online, giving people much easier access to this wonderful resource.
  • You could profit from your archive. Re-coup the initial investment through sales of the CD/DVD-ROM sets or through online subscriptions to members, libraries, research institutions, corporate sponsors and the general public. Sales of your fully searchable electronic archive could generate a huge fund, raising potential for your organisation over the next few years.
  • Corporate sponsorship and advertising can be obtained to help fund your archiving project. Space on the DVD cases and pages within the system itself can be set aside for sponsorship.
  • People will always want access to paper versions of your publications. However, this may not always be possible, and more often nowadays, people expect to be able to access documentation via the Web or tablet device, too. Converting your archives will ensure that your organisation is moving with the times, and responding to public demand.
  • Protect and future-proof your precious hard copy archive against potential loss, damage and fire.
  • Yearly updates can be added to this electronic archive to ensure that is complete and always up-to-date.