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SDS Heritage

Specialists in digitisation of rare, precious and priceless archives


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SDS Heritage specialise in digitally converting publications, reports, minutes, journals, photographs, historic books, and general archives of associations, institutions, organisations, clubs and individual establishments (both private and commercial) on to CD-ROM, DVD and the Internet...

We are experts in scanning and archiving, and are the UK leading private company in this field. As a result of successfully scanning and converting various journals and historical archives, it was decided in 2001 to create this specialist division of the SDS Group, whose task is to deal solely with the secure digital conversion of heritage archives. SDS Heritage can scan any document archive that is between one and 900 years old.

We are very experienced in scanning fragile and rare publications through work with the Petrie Museum of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, the London Geological Society (its Murchison Notebooks), and in scanning property deeds for the John Lewis Partnership and British Gas that date back to the 16th Century. Our experience extends further, and covers material as diverse as local and central government (including prisons and hospitals) and famous, historical and political individuals.

Schools and Universities

Schools & Universities

We have worked with the HMC and more than fifty of its schools. Such digital archives can re-awaken interest from past students, and increase alumini membership. They can help to generate new investment and, perhaps most importantly of all, preserve important historic information about your school...

Museums & Libraries

Museums & Libraries

Museums and libraries house enormous quantities of important, historical artefacts and documentation. Unfortuately, for obvious practical reasons, not all of these documents can be made available to everyone. SDS Heritage believe that such institutions could greatly benefit from a digital archive...

Livery Companies

Livery Companies

With our systems, Clerks can quickly research answers to questions, and your company’s most valuable asset – its knowledge and information – is protected and preserved for future succesors. We have already produced systems for the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, Marketors, Saddlers, and Drapers...

Over the past twenty years we have built up an enviable list of clients, from educational establishments, institutions and governmental departments, through to famous and noteable individuals, and blue chip and FTSE 100 listed corporations, including...

  • Grand Designs
  • Shiplake College
  • Royal Scottish Forestry Society
  • Highgate School
  • British Cement Association
  • Dean Close School Cheltenham
  • The National Gamekeepers Organisation
  • Roedean School
  • The Leys School Cambridge
  • Royal Holloway University Of London
  • Royal Forestry Society
  • Worshipful Company Of Saddlers
  • Bury Grammar School Boys
  • John Lewis
  • St Dustans
  • John Whitgift Foundation
  • National Hockey Museum
  • Liberty London
  • Bradfield College
  • Caterham School
  • The Schools Of King Edward Vi In Birmingham
  • The Royal Aero Club
  • Institute Of Acoustics
  • Harrow School
  • Emap
  • Haberdashers Girls School
  • Business Archives Council
  • Eagle House School
  • Rugby School
  • Bedales School
  • Withington Girls School